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Meet Our Owner


I would like to thank you all for visiting my website. I’m honored to have the opportunity to assist you.

Three words that best describe me – hardworking, honest and dependable. I really love what I do and I am very passionate about wanting the best for our senior community. The reason is quite simple. I was brought up in a household that had my grandparents living with us.

I watched and learned the different transitions that shape their lives especially as they transformed to their golden years.

I grew up not just seeing the physical and mental changes that affected them but also what made them smile and feel secure.

My goal is to not only provide a solution for the loved ones in your life but to leave a lasting impression in the minds and hearts of people whose paths I cross.

Look forward to meeting you!!!!

It can be hard to find the most appropriate or best suited home for your loved ones, especially when you want to have the best for your mom, dad, or grandparents. Luckily, Senior Care Solutions SoCal. is here to help. We provide personal assistance to families in Orange County, San Diego County and LA County California who are looking for a home for the elderly.

Established in 2013, Senior Care Solutions SoCal. has been providing free services to meet the care and housing needs of each senior. With our help, we will guide you in finding the resources that will make care more affordable. We will give you options that are cost, care, and location appropriate. Call us today if you would like to learn more. 


Priya provides a wonderful service, free of charge to the clients/patients. She listened to my concerns and needs for my ninety one year old after. After a conversation that included  some insightful questions by her, she found three perfect places for Dad. I literally had a single day to find a home for father. Priya assured me everything would be taken care of and followed through  on every promise. The location, facilities and price were exactly as we discussed. 

The personnel at the facilities knew her and were very complimentary of her. I have no reservations about recommending her to anyone who needs help with this important life decision.


"After Mom finished up a stay at a skilled nursing facility and it was time for her to move from her home, Priya was recommended to aid us in finding a Board & Care facility in Orange County. Although Mom had a hard time getting around she was still quite alert at 84 so we wanted a home with residents Mom could chat with and make friends. In addition to finding a variety of homes that filled the need Priya even went and visited our Mom so she could confirm the selection was adequate. This was very helpful and the next day she had us in homes viewing for ourselves. A day later we took Mom for a tour of the homes so she could pick the one she liked the best.

Because Priya is thorough at identifying the need and has experience with most Board & Care’s in the county the process went so smoothly and took a lot of the pressure off us. We really appreciated her quick response time and she is not satisfied until you are. Hard to find these days!

When our need changed and we had to look for subsidized nursing homes Priya helped us get the process started even though that is not part of her service offering. She just plain cares about the welfare of others much like us and to this day we still in touch.

Thanks Priya!!!"



"Priya was a lifesaver for us! My mother’s health declined suddenly, she was not able to live on her own and we had a vacation scheduled out of the country in a few weeks.

A well-respected home health physician recommended that I contact Priya for assistance on housing options for my mother.

I contacted Priya and she immediately responded. She discussed housing options and eased my concerns. The next day she took my husband and me to visit the five board and care homes she thought would be a good fit. The first one, five minutes from our house, was a wonderful home. We visited the second home and decided we did not need to see any more as the first one was perfect for my mother!

My mother has been a resident for a year now and we have been so pleased with everything about the home -- the cleanliness, the environment and the wonderful caregivers.

I have contacted Priya several times in the past year – for assistance in locating a personal caregiver agency after my mother broke her hip and for my friends who have needed care for their relatives. In addition, she has checked in with me to see how my mother is doing and ensure that everything is goine well – which it has been.

Priya has always been incredibly responsible and caring. She is very knowledgeable about the residence options for seniors, is always interested in understanding preferences of the family and resident, and then provides excellent options.

I will always recommend Priya for senior care options!"

-A. Gregg


"I have known Pria for over a year now and stumbled upon her when I was seeking information for my parents who are both impacted with Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

Pria is very knowledgeable in her industry. Additionally, she has the relationships within the senior care industry in Orange County to understand which housing placement is suitable or not given the needs of the client and family concerns. Pria has the ability to listen intently and offer solutions and options with empathy and care. I have used Pria twice since I first met her and she always is willing to respond quickly and clearly about what is available or not available given constraints with family budget and finances. I believe Pria will bring more value than you could ever expect and always willing to go to bat for her clients and their families. I feel I was lucky to meet her when I was navigating all of the other resources out there for Senior living options. I trust her opinion, knowledge and experience.

Thank you Pria for being so helpful to me and my family."

-J. Simmons


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